About Us

S.I.P.E. Law College is established and run by SHREEBHARATI INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION, a non-profit organization/Trust, which is the brainchild of a devoted group of prominent citizens, educationists, industrialists, professionals and businessmen of Assam. The sole aim of the Trust is to provide quality and affordable professional education to all aspiring students. The institute is a registered society bearing registration no RS/DIB/255/A/23 of 2008.

S.I.P.E. LAW COLLEGE is affiliated with Dibrugarh University and approved by the Bar-Council of India, New Delhi. Presently, the College is offering 5 Years Integrated Honours Law courses in three different streams, i.e., BB.A., LL.B(Hons.), B.A.,LL.B.(Hons.) and B.Com., LL.B.(Hons.).


The mission of S.I.P.E. Law College is to:

(1) provide its students with a diverse, intellectually rigorous learning environment so that they may acquire the professional skills and ethical grounding to become excellent lawyers and leaders in their communities and chosen professions;

(2) promote knowledge and understanding of the law and related disciplines by providing its faculty with the resources and intellectual environment to excel in teaching and scholarship;

(3) ensure that all members of its law school community have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to provide service to the profession and to the local, national, and international community;

(4) create a community, committed to excellence, honesty, openness, diversity and collegiality; and

(5) support and advance through our teaching, scholarship, and service an institutional commitment to justice, equality by providing the highest ethical standards and a system based upon the rule of law.


S.I.P.E. Law College seeks to be a distinctive and distinguished law college with a strong national and comparative focus. We aspire to be a nationally and internationally recognized centre of scholarly excellence.  We are committed to providing an environment that advances scholarly discussion and debate.  To this end, we will show unwavering commitment to support our faculty’s intellectual goals.

At the same time, S.I.P.E. Law College will encourage its faculty to maintain its commitment to excellent teaching.  It will support programs, initiatives and innovations that will serve to further enhance the faculty’s performance as teachers.

SIPE Law College will continue to draw a diverse group of students from all over the state of Assam, North-East and the rest of the part of India.  We strive to make SIPE Law College an exciting centre of learning for all of our students.  We will provide our students with a versatile education in a stimulating environment that will enhance their professional development.

SIPE Law College will take advantage of its location in a city that is a hub of national trade and culture.  We will concentrate on specializations that draw on our strengths, as well as remain open to specializations in areas of emerging strengths.

As the first law College in the Easternmost part of India to incorporate B.Com, LL.B(Hons.) and BB.A., LL.B(Hons.) courses into its curriculum along with B.A., LL.B(Hons.), SIPE Law College will always strive to be a multicultural, multi-ethnic, tolerant and inclusive community, providing leadership in many different walks of life.