Information For Students


The Academic Session of the odd semesters will commence from 1st August, while the classes of the even semesters will commence from the 1st February of every calendar year.



  1. There shall be continuous evaluation of the students through In-Semester Assessment and End-Semester Examinations.
  2. Each Paper (except clinical and dissertation papers) shall consist of 100 marks of which 20 marks is allotted for internal assement, and the remaining 80 marks is allotted for End-Semester Examination to be conducted by Dibrugarh University.



Each class shall be of 1 hour duration with a maximum of 6 periods a day. The class timings shall be from 10.00 AM to 5PM with one-hour Refreshment/ Tiffin break.


  1. If a student does not attend at least 80% of the total classes held in any subject including elective/optional subject he/she shall be declared as ineligible and shall not be allowed to appear in the End-Semester Examination in the said course. Under special circumstances (e.g. NCC, Medical Ground, Sports etc.) a relaxation of 5% attendance may be allowed.
  2. The name of the students who fail to attend classes for 15 days at a stretch from the date of commencement of classes without valid reasons shall be struck off from the Register.


A non-transferable Identity Card will be issued to each student after the admission at the cash counter on production of the admission receipt. The Card must be returned at the end of the course. On loss or mutilation, a duplicate card is issued on payment of Rs. 200/- (Two hundred) only.



Summer: White Shirt; Black formal pant; Black Tie, Black Shoes

Winter: White Shirt; Black formal pant; Black Tie, Black Shoes and Black Coat.


Summer: White Salwar with Black Payjama; Black Dupatta, Black Shoes; or White Shirt; Black formal pant; Black Tie, Black Shoes.

Winter: Black Coat; White Salwar with Black Payjama; Black Dupatta, Black Shoes; or White Shirt; Black formal pant; Black Tie, Black Shoes.

It is compulsory for all the students to attend the classes in full college uniform of normal and proper size. College uniform may be obtained from the authorized dealer to be stated at the time of admission.


Study Courses in the college are full time. Students cannot take any other full time course simultaneously. Violation of this provision will lead to disciplinary action/expulsion.

  1. Students are responsible for their conduct within the College campus as well as outside. Students should not indulge in any behavior or activity which will or may bring disrepute to the College. .
  2. Students shall take proper care of the college property, furniture and premises. Students must not cause any damage or tamper with the college property.
  3. Students shall conduct themselves in a polite manner both towards the member’s of the staff (Administrative and Teaching) and towards their fellow students.
  4. Students shall maintain silence in classrooms and desist from demonstration and disorderly behaviour.
  5. Ragging in any form in the college is strictly prohibited and any student found indulging in such activity shall be handed over to police custody. All students(also parents/guardians) will have to submit an Affidavit in the prescribed format (format to be issued during admission) that they (their ward/son/daughter) will not indulge in any activity which constitutes ragging.
  6. No clubs, society or like groups can be formed in the College without the permission of the Principal nor shall any person be invited to address a meeting without the prior permission of the College authority.
  7. Students shall not bring into the College campus any article which is dangerous and/or disruptive influence on the academic environment.

Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the Class Room and Examination hall.



  • Students shall appreciate the institutional goals and objectives and contribute to the realization of the same by participating in relevant institutional activities
  • Have a clear knowledge of the programmes, admission policies, rules and regulations of the institution
  • Follow the time schedules, rules and regulations of the institution
  • Undertake regular and intense study of learning materials
  • Make optimum use of the learning resources and other support services available in the institution
  • Prepare for continuous internal assessment and term-end examinations
  • Give feedback for system and academic improvement
  • Have faith and ability to pursue life long learning
  • Live as worthy alumni of the institution